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Endodontic (Root Canal) After-treatment Care

Recovery from the endodontic treatment is fairly straightforward. In general, you will need to rest immediately following the procedure and will need to apply a cold compress to the exterior of the area on and off for the 12 hours following surgery. This is in an effort to reduce swelling and pain. If you are in pain or there is excessive swelling, typically ibuprofen can be taken in order to control it. If a pain medication is prescribed, you will need to take it as directed.

Caring For Your mouth

We will advise you on how long before you will be able to brush in the area of the surgery, but when you do, it will need to be gentle to avoid harming the area. You should also follow a soft diet for a few days in order to allow the area to fully heal before eating anything hard or crunchy. In general, your stitches will be removed within 7 days of the surgery.

Saving Your Tooth

Our main goal is to save your natural tooth, allowing you to avoid the need for tooth replacement in the future. Endodontic treatment is a very successful procedure that provides long-lasting and oftentimes, permanent results. In general, the alternative to this procedure is the extraction of the tooth and future tooth replacement with a bridge, partial denture, or dental implant. Even though this procedure is considered surgery, and every procedure has its risks, it is typically the road most often taken by patients in an effort to save their natural tooth.
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